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Period Care Tea enriched with 11 prominent herbs, for all your period related problems including PCOS.

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Since birth till death, women face various challenges from puberty, menstruation, delivery, postpartum to menopause. With each stage of life, a woman’s body goes through a set of hormonal as well as physical changes. Menstruation is one of the most difficult parts of womanhood. However, Ayurveda- “the Science of Life” has been known from 5000 years to provide wisdom of medicinal herbs that can be used to ease down those days by balancing the doshas.
We have made a blend of various Ayurveda herbs into a tea that can help down with curbing almost all problems related to menstruation. With 11 prominent herbs, this Period Care Tea is a one stop solution for all your period related problems including PCOS.

  • Aroma
    Earthly aroma with sweet warm notes of sweet spices.
  • Tasting Notes
    Soft sweet taste with a refreshing flavor of rose and cardamom.
  • Appearance
    Golden color soaked with a yellowish-reddish tinge.


  • Ashoka, well known to help in regularizing menstrual cycle, alleviate heavy and painful periods. Ashoka bark contain flavonoids which act on the estrogenic activity, balance hormones and act as a uterine tonic. Also helps in menorrhagia, premenstrual syndrome and abnormal uterine bleeding.
  • Shatavari, scientifically called Asparagus racemosus, control hormonal balance and nourish female reproductive system. With Saponin, Shatavari act as a uterine relaxant and helps alleviate the symptoms of PCOS and PMS.
  • Lodhra is known to act as a hemostatic agent thereby helping with females experiencing heavy flow. It also helps to unblock fallopian tube, reduce white discharge and balance cortisol to help with PCOS.
  • Ashvagandha stimulate blood flow and act as antimicrobial and antibacterial agent to control vaginal infections due to yeast invasion.
  • Star anise apart from its flavouring properties can also help with bloating, vaginal discharge and abdominal discomfort along with reducing menstrual cramps.
  • Manjistha treat irregular periods and helps with controlling foul odour down there. It helps dissolve obstruction in blood flow and helps to remove stagnant blood in the uterus.
  • Garcinia cambogia helps with regularizing irregular period cycles or delayed period cycles.
  • Green tea soothes period cramps by promoting blood flow and also helps to reduce the caffeine craving arising during PMS. It helps to maintain hydration levels, reduce bloating and elevate mood.
  • Cardamom, aka Elaichi has anti-inflammatory properties along with anticlotting properties which help with excruciating cramps.
  • Rose petals, due to their vitamin profile and anti-inflammatory properties deals with dysmennorhea (painful periods) and helps to remove anxiety and decrease mood swings.
  • Cinnamon helps regularize menstrual cycle in PCOS patients by maintaining insulin levels in the body and deals with severe pain cases.

Directions for use

  1. Add 2gm or one tablespoon of Period care tea to boiling water
  2. Brew for 3-5 minutes, strain in a cup and enjoy with any natural sweetener (honey or jaggery) if needed
  3. Suggested daily intake is two cups, one early morning and other during late night.

2 reviews for Period Care Tea

  1. Deepika Rana

    Green Spore Tea are a perfect mixture of flavour and benefits. I have included them as a daily routine and have seen an immense help with my health issues. A must try for all the ladies with any female related issues.

  2. Aakhya Tyagi

    Managing periods is not an easy task for everyone.There might be sometimes when menstrual cramps be unbearable and though I looking for something menstrual cramps reliefs solution. For this Green spore period care tea is a perfect solutions for our problems and though it is beneficial to our healthy routine.

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